Brett Martin CPD seminar

Fabrick worked with Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage to produce this 20 minute CPD seminar that discusses the issues surrounding the specification of rainwater systems, focusing on the benefits of cast-iron effect systems.

Looking at different applications for both refurbishment and new build, cast-iron effect can be used as an alternative to traditional cast iron products. The online CPD covers industry standards and regulations, cost comparisons, and different materials - giving you the freedom to learn at a time and place that suits you. It aims:

  • To improve the understanding of Rainwater & Soil systems and the requirements for these products.
  • To highlight the influencing factors when specifying traditional rainwater systems.
  • To offer an alternative; a product that combines authentic detailing & period design together with the economic & practical benefits associated with modern materials.

The CPD is free to watch and can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Click to watch CPD

specification & installation of rainwater systems.

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Results report produced by Fabrick on the online CPD delivered for the Business Sprinkler Alliance

The Business Sprinkler Alliance online CPD impact report

This report, created by Fabrick, outlines the positive impacts on The Business Sprinkler Alliance from their award-winning online CPD.

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