Entrance of Kent Construction Expo

Designing out waste and Carbon Monitoring: A future glimpse

As the UK strives to meet ambitious carbon emissions targets, how can Designing out Waste and Carbon Monitoring help?

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Phone with Twitter / X open

Is Twitter (now X!) a viable construction marketing tool?

With Twitter's recent decline in popularity and effectiveness, should construction businesses still use it as a construction marketing tool?

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Larry David fights a crab


Artificial Intelligence – BETA than the real thing?

Is Artificial Intelligence changing the world of design?  Should we be worried?  The answers are in our blog!

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Two female construction workers operating machinery positioned next to a house

Industry Viewpoint

Understanding true sustainability in the construction sector

How can the built environment address sustainability if it has a different meaning for every individual and business? The answer's here!

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A blue Fabrick branded umbrella set against an orange background with blue rain drops falling

PR & Media

Why built environment businesses need a crisis comms plan

Don't let a crisis ruin your brand and reputation. Discover our 7-steps for effective crisis communications management by reading this blog.

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Yellow background with a person holding a mobile phone showing One Za'Abeel, Dubai and a large TikTok logo to the right-side of the phone.

Should built environment businesses embrace TikTok?

Read our thoughts on whether the fastest-growing social media channel, TikTok, should be embraced by the construction industry.

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Orange background with three icons labelled 'inform', 'engage' and 'influence'

Content Marketing

Why every business should think ‘Content, Content, Content’!

Read David Ing's advice on how construction industry businesses can better inform, engage & influence their audiences with content marketing

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Bright, airy room with lots of plants, a sofa and a room temperature gage.

Industry Viewpoint

Important health and wellbeing lessons learnt at Futurebuild

'Why is designing and building for wellbeing not universally considered a priority in our buildings?'. Discover the answer here!

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Plank of wood balanced between two words- PR measurement and results

PR & Media

PR Divide: Why CEOs & PR Pros must speak the same language

Are senior B2B marketers on the same page when it comes to the value of PR?  The answer is in our blog!

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