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The Brief

Market-leading producer of sustainable timber construction panels, MEDITE SMARTPLY, engaged Fabrick to deliver a striking, memorable and cost-effective creative campaign that would allow them to (1) engage and build relationships with their wider distributor sales teams, (2) improve brand awareness and sales from their distributors and (3) commence the launch of their new high-performance OSB4 wood panel, SMARTPLY ULTIMA.

The Solution

The distributor plays a critical role in engaging with merchants and other customers who ultimately buy the product. Key contacts are generally senior company representatives, such as brand managers and regional directors, but internal office-based salespeople and telemarketers play an equally important role due to their frontline contact with the end customer. However, these individuals are hard to reach.

Together with MEDITE SMARTPLY, Fabrick devised an innovative Easter promotion that saw Fabrick design a bright and bold branded sleeve for boxes of Cadbury Crème eggs that were to be sent to brand managers within their distributor network.

Given the timing of the campaign, and the popularity of the chocolate gift, it was felt that branch managers would be happy to share the boxes of crème eggs with the all-important, hard to reach customer service staff.

The Easter-themed campaign also marked the launch of a series of significant campaigns to promote existing MEDITE SMARTPLY products, to support ambitious growth plans. The campaigns would adopt the new branding style, also created by Fabrick, that involved pairing a product with bold, impactful colours and an animal character that best represented the product’s USP.

To launch the new product, SMARTPLY ULTIMA, we chose to use a visual of an Octopus with an extra leg set on a bright blue background – to demonstrate the ability to exceed expectation and offer ‘that bit more’. The visual was placed on the front of the Easter eggs’ sleeves, indicating that something was ‘soon to be revealed’.

To reinforce the new product campaign, the boxes also contained an Easter card (using the same styling as the eggs), explaining they had been sent a small gift for staff and to ‘watch this space’ for MEDITE SMARTPLY’s upcoming campaign. For further clues, recipients were urged to contact MEDITE SMARTPLY via a supplied email address.

The Results

  • 1 The campaign was shortlisted for Best Use of Direct Marketing at the 2019 Construction Marketing Awards

  • 2 The campaign reached more than 2,184 individuals across their distribution network, equating to a cost of £2.63 per person

  • 3 Customers directly engaged with MEDITE SMARTPLY, thus achieving the desired ‘intimate’ response wanted.

  • 4 MEDITE SMARTPLY successfully influenced their target audience groups and achieved a positive association with their brand

  • 5 Communication and brand awareness between MEDITE SMARTPLY and their distributors have been improved

  • 6 Sales have increased

  • 7 Zero printed waste was achieved

  • 8 A memorable campaign was created and successfully implemented

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