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The Brief

Housing Developer, This Land, were undertaking a planning application for an ambitious new housing development in Cambridgeshire and needed some research to be undertaken that would help them understand buyers’ thoughts, views and factors that influence purchasing. With the housing scheme deviating from the traditional - in terms of layout, façade material, relationship with open space and road and parking – they asked Fabrick to deliver the market research needed.

The Solution

As This Land wanted to depart from the typical new development approach, Fabrick suggested a series of face-to-face focus groups (delivered under strict Covid social distancing measures).

The areas of interest were extended beyond the initial three – landscape, layout (clusters and road) and materials – to include sustainability, maintenance, parking, communal spaces, maintenance charges, safety and technology.

Fabrick also considered the location of the development and suggested the focus groups were additionally held in locations outside of the development area to ensure we reached the key groups that the desk-based demographic research had identified as potential areas where buyers could currently live.

They were held in the evenings with groups of 10 individuals carefully selected to meet identified criteria of potential buyers.

The face-to-face nature of the research allowed moderators the opportunity to discuss the various elements of the scheme with potential buyers and get honest and direct feedback.

Following the focus groups, Fabrick provided This Land with a detailed 78-page market research report. The report detailed all findings along with a series of observations and recommendations.

The Results

  • 1 The research was awarded ‘Best Use of Research & Insight’ at the 2021 Construction Marketing Awards.

  • 2 The research provided an opportunity to talk to people about what they look for in a new house – what’s important to them and what isn’t.

  • 3 The research showed This Land’s original assumptions and thinking were incorrect. Factors such as acoustics, sustainability and low maintenance properties were key priorities and considerations.

  • 4 A number of commonly used phrases were identified that had negative connotations.  We changed their dialogue and created new ones. The new terminology has now been adopted company wide.

  • 5 The research helped shape their brand vision and persona.

  • 6 The research helped to ascertain views on the selection of façade materials.

  • 7 A positive ROI was delivered for This Land. The research helped them shape the strategy for their planned development in Cambridgeshire, whilst also providing valuable insights into buyer behaviour that will help them market the scheme once it is being constructed. It will also influence how they talk as a business and how their future schemes are described and marketed.

  • 8 Enabled a planning application to be submitted, based on consumer choice of materials and layout of the scheme.

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