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The Brief

Proteus Waterproofing is a UK leading waterproof systems provider that uniquely offers innovative products alongside traditional waterproofing systems.  When they approached Fabrick in 2012, they were a small startup company with an unknown brand looking to become a major player within the marketplace.

The Solution

Fabrick created an integrated marketing programme that has been developed and implemented year-on-year.  

As with any startup company, budgets were understandably limited in the early days – every penny really had to count – but our in-house marketing and PR specialists delivered a complete range of new sales brochures, data sheets and technical information, the company’s first website, and most importantly, an ongoing promotional plan to get them noticed.

Promotional support included an ongoing e-mail campaign aimed directly at roofing contractors, specifiers and other waterproofing professionals; targeted public relations and thought leadership blogs and a full social media schedule via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Initially Proteus concentrated its sales in London and the South East, but as it expanded into other parts of the country and also expanded its product range, Fabrick ramped up its level of marketing support by focusing on distinctive and unique new systems such as Cold Melt, which has now become a recognized brand in its own right.

After 10 years we are about to launch our third new website for Proteus to reflect their growing stature as a market leader and we continue to work on pioneering new initiatives such as the development of new technical apps, videos, advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), together with support to help develop training and the company’s national network of licensed contractors – and there is much more to come.

The Results

  • 1 Proteus is now a leading provider within its marketplace 

  • 2 Proteus is a well-established UK brand, aligned with innovation and its ability to offer a one-stop solution

  • 3 Year-on-year sales increases across all product ranges

  • 4 A suite of eye-catching marketing collateral

  • 5 Well branded digital platforms that encourage user engagement and provide new business opportunities

  • 6 Website sessions have increased on average by 387% year-on-year 

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