Planning is an involved and detailed process that forms the basis for the decisions needed for the development of a project.  It looks at where, how and what is built and the implications these decisions have on the environment and the community.

Planning is a key mechanism for delivering sustainable developments and requires specialist communications support to ensure all relevant parties are informed and the desired outcomes are achieved. 

Fabrick’s marketing and communication specialists understand the need, sensitivity and importance of communication when undertaking planning projects and are experienced with helping to seek planning approval for new housing schemes and community engagement for proposed and existing housing developments.

With a particular focus on housing, our work has seen us provide strategic planning and communications executions, ensuring key messages are communicated, concerns are addressed and misinformation minimised.  We have created digital support tools, marketing literature, organised local stakeholder events, undertaken stakeholder mapping, pre-planning lobbying and managed many a press enquiry.

We are confident we can support our clients undertaking planning projects.

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