Want to know more about your competitors – how they operate, the products and services they offer, the team they employ, the company culture etc? Fabrick’s research teams have the experience to conduct a thorough competitor analysis that will provide you with deep insights and help inform the decisions your business makes when creating strategies and plans for the future.

Creating opportunities

Fabrick knows how to assess your competitors and identify both their strengths and weaknesses.  With the data received we can pinpoint opportunities for your business and then create plans that will help your business and brand develop and grow.

Valuable insights

Many of our clients come to us with assumptions and not facts when wanting to produce marketing and content campaigns but this doesn’t always result in success.  You need accurate and up-to-date information on your competitors if you are to keep, and stay ahead of, the competition.  These valuable insights help identify your business’s USPs as well as your strengths and industry trends that could provide opportunities to help distinguish you from the crowd.

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Relevant experience

Market Research secures new market for Milwaukee

Milwaukee is an industry leading manufacturer of power tools, accessories and hand tools for the professional trades.  They have an excellent reputation and with the continual focus on site safety...

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