Fabrick creates and delivers thorough and well-informed positioning and marketing strategies that will make a real difference to your construction or property business. When operating in these competitive markets, it’s crucial that your business is seen to offer clear and distinctive market positioning – and we can help. 

Perception and differentiation

Your brand needs to sit firmly in your customers’ minds and be perceived in the way that you want it, or your business simply won’t survive!  Customers need to know why your product or service is different from those of your competitors and why they should choose to do business with you instead.

Our offering

As a strategic marketing agency specialising in construction, architecture, engineering and property, Fabrick uses its knowledge and expertise to:

  • Conduct desk-based research to identify how customers currently perceive your company and brand within the marketplace
  • Undertake a competitor market analysis to establish where your company currently sits alongside your competitors and to better understand the competitive landscape
  • Carry out field-based research with clients and staff to ascertain what they believe are their company and brand USPs, personality and aspirations etc.

With this data, Fabrick will then create a strategy that will include:

  • Specifying where we believe your company and brand should be positioned to ensure it stays ahead of the curve  
  • The marketing messages you will need to communicate to your targeted audiences to ensure they form a positive and accurate image of your product or service in their minds
  • The marketing channels you should use to enhance your differentiation and maximise competitive advantage
  • campaign ideas on how to get your company to the recommended market position

The benefits

When undertaken successfully, market positioning brings many benefits.  You can gain a strong competitive advantage, claim a specific feature or benefit that in turn will help increase sales and solidify your reputation within the marketplace, and most importantly, delivers long-term success.

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