For Fabrick, social media is all about driving the conversations that matter to you and using these conversations to inform and influence your target audiences.  Whether it’s reaching policymakers to drive change, leading the way in a dialogue that impacts your market, or simply promoting your product or service, social media is all about what we are saying and why.


Our social media and digital content team members are highly experienced.  They know the content you need to produce to best drive engagement and communicate your messages, they write social copy that drives your audiences to take the action you want them to take, and using proven techniques, they increase the reach of your content.  We use social media to amplify your messages by sharing your content across the channels that we know will drive engagement.

A complete understanding

We understand how to get the most out of the social platforms available to us, the specific paid and organic benefits of each of the platforms, and how audiences interact with them.  We know the best times and days to post your content and we create the tone of voice best suited to your audiences. 

Inclusive strategy

Social media shouldn’t be treated as an individual entity: it needs to be part of your wider marketing strategy.  Fabrick can develop the right tactical approach to your social and digital outputs and develop a social media strategy that is right for your business and that will meet your marketing objectives. 

We use a range of tools, proven processes and in-house expertise to offer a number of strategic options, either as an end-to-end package or as a single service:

  • Social strategy development
  • Socially-designed content creation
  • Social media campaigns & promotions
  • Social media listening & digital press office
  • Community management
  • Social media training
  • Social media toolkits

Influential tool

Social media is an influential tool in which every construction, property, architectural and engineering business should invest.  It allows you to gain direct insight into your audiences’ behaviour and provides opportunities for open communication that will in turn aid your company’s growth. 

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