12 reasons to choose a career in construction

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At a time when our lives continue to be shaken by a pandemic and the world of work has changed in more ways than we could have ever imagined only twelve months ago, many of us have had the time to be able to reflect on what we need and want from our careers. What is it about the industry we work in that actually makes us want to get up in the morning? As construction marketing specialists, it’s no different. We are lucky to work in a sector which is hugely rewarding in so many ways. But in which ways are construction and the built environment so fulfilling and such great fields to work in? We talked to our staff about what they love about construction and the principal reasons to choose a career in the construction industry.

1. Construction has an impact on people’s everyday lives often without them even realising it

The roads or rails they use to get to work, the homes they live in, the buildings they work in have all been constructed. What other industry can make this claim?

2. Construction lasts a lifetime

Our CEO loves that we’re still talking about and appreciating what was built centuries ago – just look at Stonehenge and the Tower of London. There’s real lasting value in construction.

3. Construction is a form of art

Senior Account Manager, Darren, says construction is a form of artwork that people don’t always appreciate. It inspires us and affects our lives in so many different ways.

4. Construction always provides a challenge

Our senior designer, Darryl, says you can rely on construction to always provide a challenge. Trying to engineer solutions and develop something original in an industry where areas overlap makes each day different and life interesting.

5. Construction provides prospects and opportunities for all

Whether you are young or old, from different cultural or educational backgrounds, our MD says the construction industry provides a wealth of opportunities. Given its breadth and diversity of work, construction offers opportunities in engineering, procurement, architecture, sustainability, technology, project management or logistics. The list is endless.

6. Construction can protect the old, create the new and blend everything together

Our Marketing Manager loves construction as the sector has the skills and ability to restore historic buildings and protect our history, design futuristic buildings and build those that successfully combine the two.

7. Construction can take you around the world

Account Manager, Tracey, says that construction gives you the ability to work anywhere and use that global knowledge and experience to improve lives.

8. Construction is constantly evolving

Our Social Media Executive, Ella, loves seeing how construction products are constantly evolving to help us create ever more complex buildings. It’s amazing to see how the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge were built without modern technology.

9. Construction passes through generations

Our copywriter, Katie, loves how people’s passion for construction influences others, whether it is sons and daughters joining the industry because they’ve seen from their parents how great it is, or apprentices spending a lifetime in construction because they’ve ‘caught the bug’. It really is a great industry to spend a lifetime working in.

10. Construction can make an impact

Head of Digital Content, Kate, loves how construction marketing provides companies with the opportunities and ability to become part of projects that have the potential to make a real impact. We get to say we helped client X have the chance to create that building.

11. Construction brings communities together

From homes to offices, hospitals to schools, and the infrastructure that links it together, construction creates communities for future generations.

12. Construction offers variety that no other sector can offer

From a small new build home to a major infrastructure project, the hundreds of different roles on site, to projects in every corner of the world, construction is at the heart of everything we do – and for that reason, we love it.

When you consider we spend nearly half of our waking hours in work, being able to love what you do will make it more fulfilling in the long term. In turn your enthusiasm and passion will be able to inspire others. Construction is such a diverse and challenging industry that can really make a difference and for those reasons alone, we love its life-changing potential.

Author: Laura Garving

Marketing & Communications Director

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