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While Instagram, TikTok and YouTube might be seen by many to overshadow blogging in the world of social media, the blogosphere remains massive and according to WordPress, 409 million people view more than 21 billion blog pages each month. It’s clearly come a long way since early blog pioneer and software developer, Dave Winer, created his Scripting News, which incidentally is still going strong after 26 years. But just what is it about a blog that can lift it beyond the mundane, and how can construction businesses use it as a way to build a brand, improve credibility, and enhance SEO?

One of the main aims for any blog is to build an audience by identifying the issues, on whatever subject that may be, and then attempt to figure out their solutions. In the process you become a thought leader or expert on the subject and can create a community of interested people. Informative and useful content is key and it can help build the profile of an individual, company or brand. Most importantly, this content must have value.

As an industry which is home to countless knowledgeable people, the construction sector provides plenty of opportunities for successful blogging and thought leadership. You have only to look at a construction blogging site such as Talk.Build to see how popular it has become. By blogging on a regular basis and researching the latest news and trends, the successful blogger can stay relevant and forward-thinking and better serve their clients and customers.

One of the bonuses of blogging is that by creating new content, a website or profile can remain fresh and current. And let’s be honest, Google loves fresh content. This enables businesses to increase traffic to their websites, which in turn can create more sales enquiries. An informative and engaging blog can often sway a reader’s opinion on a subject. It will also be relevant to other organisations in the sector, and so can generate links and boost SEO.

At Fabrick, we produce regular blogs for all our clients across the built environment, including building services design consultancy, Whitecode. The blogs are on a variety of different topics from thermal bridging to low carbon heating in buildings; acoustics to healthcare facilities. The blogs are created with the initial purpose of pushing through the author’s personal LinkedIn profile. However, we amplify the content further by placing it on the client’s website and promoting via their company LinkedIn profile. We then place it as an exclusive with one of the trade websites, who will run it for a week. We then push it further by distribution to the rest of trade media, print and online. This results in us pushing one piece of content across multiple channels including an author’s LinkedIn, company website, company LinkedIn as well as other social channels, trade online and trade print.

A blog can also be used to link other related company marketing material, whether it is whitepapers, brochures, installation manuals or technical documents on a website. It’s also a great way to start a conversation, which after all is what social media is all about. Ultimately, blogging is one of the many ways that companies can demonstrate their expertise, boost their revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

So for anyone with any doubts about blogging, now is the time to start. Why not become the voice of reason on the subject of your choosing and show that you have become a leader in your field?

Author: Simon Radcliffe

Senior Copywriter

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