One significant concern raised by advertisers is the issue of brand safety and positioning. A worrisome trend of ads appearing alongside harmful content on the platform that can’t be monitored or controlled has led to several advertisers pulling their ads from Twitter, as they do not want to risk their brand image and reputation.

Why may we have seen a decline in key metrics on Twitter/X?

The decline of Twitter (now X!) can be attributed to a series of missteps that occurred after Musk took over. Following the acquisition, there was widespread chaos, with a significant number of employees being laid off, including the trust and safety staff. This led to a lack of adequate monitoring and enforcement of the platform's terms of service. Consequently, suspended accounts that had previously violated these terms were reinstated, including those of controversial figures like Kanye West and Donald Trump.

Moreover, the launch of Twitter Blue, a subscription service that initially promised benefits like verified blue ticks and enhanced features, turned into a major debacle. The platform was flooded with impersonator profiles, causing confusion and frustration among users. This further contributed to the negative sentiment surrounding Twitter and its declining user base.

How is this affecting construction clients?

Our clients have observed a significant decline in user engagement and reach on Twitter. The platform's algorithm appears to prioritise tweets from high-profile individuals with large followings, like Elon Musk himself. As a result, tweets from businesses and individuals with smaller followings often go unnoticed, leading to decreased visibility and impact. This shift has adversely affected the ability to connect with target audiences effectively and made life harder for B2B communication across the platform as a whole.

Additionally, Musk's unpredictable rule changes and decision-making have further eroded confidence in the platform. His shifting stance on free speech and banning accounts based on personal preferences have created an atmosphere of uncertainty and inconsistency. This lack of transparency and fairness has added to the growing dissatisfaction among users.

Are we seeing an impact on sentiment?

Furthermore, the negative reputation associated with Twitter has had a significant impact on consumer sentiment. Studies have shown that over half of U.S. consumers are now hesitant to support brands that advertise on Twitter due to the platform's current state. This finding resonates with the declining interest your clients have experienced in their marketing efforts on the platform.

By diversifying your social media presence and focusing on platforms that align better with your clients' target demographics and preferences, you can adapt to the changing landscape and ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

How has the introduction of X changed the landscape of Twitter?

With the recent news of ‘X’ becoming the new brand name for Twitter, how will the landscape of the platform be affected? Elon Musk claims X will be the ‘everything’ app, whatever that means…Does this new brand give users confidence that it’s on the up, or does it increase the fear of it becoming further diluted and harder to advertise and communicate efficiently on?

What does it mean for construction?

As the popularity of Twitter declines, construction businesses should recognise the importance of understanding their audience to make informed marketing decisions. With Twitter's reach waning, investing resources solely in that platform may yield diminishing returns. Instead, analysing their target audience's preferences, behaviour, and online presence can help construction businesses identify more effective marketing channels. By understanding where their potential customers are most active and engaged, such as on emerging social media platforms or industry-specific forums, construction businesses can tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. This data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts are focused on reaching the right audience in the most relevant and impactful way, maximising their potential for business growth and success.

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Author: Sean Ray

Digital Content Executive

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