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The Brief

Having worked with CPI Euromix - the leading name in dry mortar in the UK and Ireland – for 20 years, we understand the importance they place on health and safety. So when CPI wanted to raise the profile of their internal health and safety initiatives, they asked Fabrick to design a character that could be used to form the basis of their internal programme.

The Solution

When CPI came to Fabrick they had chosen a name for their new health and safety character. It was to be called RaLF – Report and Learn Form.

Fabrick’s illustrator quickly set to work and brought RaLF to life through their exceptional illustrative skills. RaLF was drawn wearing full PPE and was created to be both relatable and memorable.

By creating an illustrated character, Fabrick helped CPI bring a fun element to their health and safety communications as well as the ability to adapt the design of RaLF to accommodate specific campaigns. For example, over the years RaLF has been drawn:

  • With specific PPE to illustrate the importance of wearing such items of protection
  • In his fitness gear to promote a charity run
  • On a treadmill to encourage staff to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight
  • To promote attendance at CPI Safety Stand Down Day’s
  • To demonstrate how best to manage working with high levels of dust
  • To communicate the importance of school road safety

RaLF has proved to be very popular and continues to be the focal point of CPI’s internal health and safety campaigns.

The Results

  • 1 Creation of a memorable character

  • 2 Fun element added to internal health and safety campaigns

  • 3 Consistent focal point for internal communications

  • 4 Memorable safety communications

  • 5 Adaptable character that allows specific campaign needs to be met

  • 6 Positive buy-in into health and safety by all CPI employees

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