Illustration is a powerful and creative tool that provides unique and memorable visuals for a brand.  It is a bespoke option that can capture a brand's personality perfectly and offers a creative solution that says goodbye to stock imagery! Fabrick’s in-house illustrators are skilled in creating impactful and expressive illustrations and have done so for many leading industry brands, helping to tell their story and securing their brand name firmly in the minds of their target audiences.

Bringing ideas to life

Fabrick’s illustrators capture their ideas on the drawing board and use their exceptional skills to bring these ideas to life. Depending on the needs of the client, we can create numerous styles of illustration; from technical to infographics to something more character-based.

Unique and memorable visuals

With most people now having shorter attention spans, illustrations have proved very effective in grabbing people’s attention- some argue they’re more effective than video - and their unique visual nature help to quickly convey a product or service and its benefits.

We’re proud to say our in-house illustrators have created stunning and bespoke illustrations for use in creative ad campaigns, marketing literature, direct marketing, social media, animations, internal communication campaigns and more. 

If you’d like us to create a unique illustration that will stay firmly in the minds of your target audiences, contact us now.

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Memorable illustrations for CPI Euromix

Having worked with CPI Euromix - the leading name in dry mortar in the UK and Ireland – for 20 years, we understand the importance they place on health and safety. So when CPI wanted to raise the...

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