Pexhurst’s Integrated Marketing campaign wins multiple awards







Integrated Marketing

The Brief

Leading fit-out and refurbishment contractor, Pexhurst, was reaching a 45-year milestone.  The company wanted to use this as an opportunity to (1) reaffirm their understanding of how the Pexhurst brand was perceived within the market-place, (2) strengthen their brand positioning to enable new business opportunities to help secure the next 45 years; and (3) reposition themselves as thought-leaders.

They asked Fabrick to devise a creative and insightful campaign that would help them achieve this and that would reflect their company values.  This was quite the brief!

The Solution

Fabrick suggested market research was needed to form the basis of this project in order to deliver a campaign that was relevant and substantive. We devised and issued an internal and external survey which included questions on service offering, sectors, company background and brand recognition. The survey found that most delegates were aware of primary business operations such as services and sectors, but areas such as brand personality, visual identity and consistent messaging across multiple channels scored lower, indicating a lesser awareness and understanding.

As a result, Fabrick utilised the data and made recommendations to improve communications across LinkedIn, YouTube and the press, and to visually improve Pexhurst’s onsite collateral in order to showcase the personality of the brand.

The survey was based on the original Pexhurst brand, which encompassed four pillars (values): ‘Established’, ‘Experienced’, ‘Approachable’ and ‘Dependable’. The results identified five words that delegates used to describe Pexhurst; Proactive, Experienced, Approachable, Professional and Reliable. This got us thinking!

We listened to the market opinion and felt that the original pillar, ‘Established’ didn’t reflect the client’s forward-thinking approach so we changed it to ‘Progressive’. This marked a turning point for their established heritage and meant that the 45-year campaign now accurately reflected the market-place’s views and perceptions of the Pexhurst brand.

To enhance Pexhurst’s visual identify, Fabrick created an illustrative mural which outlined a 45-year history to remind their target audience of their experience, knowledge and progress over the years. In addition, we designed a team ‘ten-year anniversary club’ mural which demonstrated the sustainable nature of their happy workforce and allowed further personalities to be promoted externally. Both pieces of collateral were used on sites, at events and as engaging digital content.

We also created numerous videos - which included topical discussions and sector specific content - delivered by all directors in order to help put faces to the brand. In addition, Fabrick created a storyboard for a corporate brand video which showcased the scale of the business. This provided engaging digital content for use across multiple platforms and generated a huge increase in views on the corporate YouTube channel. Fabrick created a strategy that enhanced their YouTube platform and created categorised playlists so it was easily accessible for viewers and also linked to other relevant videos in order to encourage time spent on the platform.

In addition, Fabrick planned and executed a roundtable and wrote a detailed whitepaper on the topic of ‘Refurb & Retrofit vs Demolish & Rebuild’ which was  placed across multiple trade press titles.

To help grow Pexhurst’s social media following, Fabrick used the mural, videos, infographics and team posts to create engaging digital content. Toolkits were provided for directors to aid the development of both the corporate page and personal profiles. In turn, this created consistent messaging across multiple channels, and the campaign was a huge success.

The Results

  • 1 The campaign won ‘Best Contractor Marketing Campaign’ and ‘Best Low Budget Campaign’ at the 2022 Construction Marketing Awards (CMAs).

  • 2 New clients were secured as a direct result of the campaign.

  • 3 New industry connections were secured, leading to an increased market profile, new business opportunities being secured and existing relationships being strengthened.

  • 4 The internal and external research directly aided the development of the Pexhurst brand and ensured its market positioning was aligned with their company values.

  • 5 Pexhurst was successfully repositioned as a thought-leader. 

  • 6 We delivered a ROI of 1,922%

  • 7 Multi-channel, engaging content was created and used to develop internal and external communication channels.

  • 8 Website sessions increased by 38% and the average time spent on the site increased to 4.26 minutes – compared to the previous 8-month period

  • 9 LinkedIn saw a 15% increase in reactions and a 200% increase in shares versus the previous 5 months prior to the campaign starting

  • 10 The anniversary video was the most viewed and longest watched video on Pexhurst’s YouTube channel - average watch time of 5.89 minutes. 

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