In the past few years, we have seen an important shift in the focus now given to building interiors and interior design.  The industry now better appreciates that people and their needs should be at the heart of every building and therefore interiors should reflect this too.

People spend vast amounts of their time in buildings, albeit in the office, retail spaces, restaurants, hospitals, schools etc., and so the environment created should be designed to have a positive impact on our lives.  

Interior design plays an important role in our life today.  It has the ability and power to have a direct impact on our wellbeing.  It has the capacity to truly inspire and motivate those using the environments built.  Interior design brings ideas and passions to life, it transforms spaces, creates memories and experiences and can make a positive difference to the operations of a business and the productivity of its workers.

Lighting, ventilation, planning, the use of space, colour, materials; these are all factors considered when planning and creating a buildings interior and are also the factors that contribute to how quickly we heal in hospital, how much children enjoy learning in their classroom, how memorable the restaurant was, how good the space and lighting was in the fashion store. A good interior promotes a healthy lifestyle and contributes to a sustainable environment.

Fabrick‚Äôs experience of working within the interiors sector spans designers, contractors, trade bodies and manufacturers.  Our clients have worked on some impressive interiors projects across the UK and internationally. Our marketing and specification strategies, PR, social, digital, creative and interiors marketing specialists have helped raise awareness and the profiles of many leading interiors and building companies.

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