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Crisis Communications

The Brief

The tragic events at Grenfell tower has seen a number of businesses reassess their exposure to risk and think more seriously about how they would manage a crisis should it present itself.

An international multi-disciplinary consultant – working across acoustics, fire engineering, sustainability, lighting design, building physics and security - had identified that their crisis communication procedures required improvement and retained Fabrick to help manage the process.

The Solution

Fabrick provided a two-stage approach to managing the practices of crisis communications.

Firstly, we needed to create a plan. This process saw Fabrick deliver a company-wide survey to ascertain people’s views on the steps they should take in the event of a crisis. Our team then conducted interviews with key staff, looking at specific areas of risk within the business. From here we created a CRP – Crisis Response Plan. This looked at risk across the practices’ projects, at their office locations and staff interactions.

The CRP provides details on key steps the practice need to take in the event of a crisis, who to contact and how the incident should be approached. The client ensured the existence of the CRP was communicated to all staff so that everyone was aware of the process and the official procedure in the event of an incident.

The final step was to provide bespoke media training for the senior management team. This training provided hands-on experience at how to manage the media. Held at key London broadcasting studios, the training is delivered by Fabrick’s media training partner, a specialist crisis communications advisor with over 20 years’ broadcast journalist experience.

A process has now been put into place whereby the CRP is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate and that all staff are aware of the process.

The Results

  • 1 The Client’s staff now have a process to follow and knowledge of how to manage a crisis should it occur

  • 2 The client has confidence they can respond quickly to a crisis

  • 3 Senior management staff are media trained

  • 4 Full delivery and staff buy-in of a two-step crisis communication strategy

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