How long do you think it takes to lose your brand’s reputation following a crisis?  If you’re not prepared, the answer is in minutes!  Crises can happen anywhere and at any time, especially when working within the high-risk nature of the built environment.  Fabrick has witnessed this first-hand and has provided crisis communications support to many industry brands. 

Who have we helped?

We have helped manufacturers, contractors, consultants, building owners, housebuilders, local authorities, property developers and lobbying organisations manage their reputation through effective crisis communications.

Our work considers risk across the business from staff to business operations through to the legacy of buildings in use. 

Be prepared

Planning is the key to managing a crisis and our in-house PR and communications specialists know how to create a strategy to ensure your business is prepared in the event of a crisis. When a crisis does happen, our team is ready to implement processes to ensure the incident is managed appropriately. 

How can we help your business?

Fabrick can help you:

  • Identify the risks that pose a threat to your business
  • Create a Crisis Management Plan (CRP) and support its implementation
  • Communicate the Crisis Communications Plan to the stakeholders within your organisation and explain its importance
  • Manage and respond to all press and media enquiries
  • Provide media relations and social media training for staff
  • Manage live social media reporting
  • Manage responses to disgruntled tenants, employees and members of the public.
  • Create and implement marketing and PR plans and strategies that will communicate positive messages and help your business move beyond the crisis 
  • Produce suitable internal communications to help manage the internal messages you wish to communicate.

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Relevant experience

Crisis communications support for multi-disciplinary consultant

The tragic events at Grenfell tower has seen a number of businesses reassess their exposure to risk and think more seriously about how they would manage a crisis should it present itself.


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A national housebuilder engaged Fabrick to provide media relations and tenant liaison on a highly challenging and sensitive project that would see residents having to move out of their property for a...

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