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The Brief

Cemfree and DB Group are world leaders in the manufacture and development of an ultra-low carbon alternative to traditional cement as well as being waterproofing and gas protection experts in the construction industry.  They were keen to build brand awareness across their target audiences (Architects, Specifiers, House Builders, Landscapers) and increase their share of voice, so approached Fabrick to help.  We devised a content marketing strategy for them, of which developing their team’s social media profiles is key. 

With very few team members having a complete profile or active presence on LinkedIn, Fabrick delivered some professional training to ensure Cemfree and the DB Group could then benefit from having key spokespeople to best represent their brand.

The Solution

Fabrick’s social media team devised a tailored training event that saw staff at Cemfree gain a thorough understanding of LinkedIn (LI) and how their individual profiles could help build Cemfree and DB Group’s brand, online presence and share of voice.  Training included:

  • The importance of building new relationships and wider connections
  • How to create and optimise a personal profile that people will want to connect with
  • How to make new connections and the best approach to take
  • Suggestions on people / companies / groups to follow
  • Understanding the use and benefits of hashtags, including those used for company campaigns
  • Making the most of the search function
  • Understanding the best methods to increase the reach and engagement of posts
  • How to position individuals as industry experts
  • Understanding the LI algorithm
  • Understanding the best types of content to create and post to demonstrate knowledge, authority etc.
  • How best to share company content and messaging
  • The benefits and methods of LinkedIn Group posts
  • How individual staff members can support Cemfree and DB Group in the delivery of their content marketing strategy.

The training was delivered online to allow team members based from various company locations to join the training.

The Results

  • 1 Within two weeks of the training, all attendees (plus additional staff members) have created and optimised their personal LI profiles following the training.

  • 2 Cemfree and DB Group staff are now sharing company posts and creating individual content.

  • 3 Cemfree and DB Group’s online presence is increasing.

  • 4 Online social conversations are starting between staff members and Cemfree and DB Group’s target audiences.

  • 5 Engagement within relevant groups (as identified by Fabrick during the training) has started.

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