Venesta smashing all records with PPC








The Brief

Venesta, one of Britain’s leading suppliers of cubicles for toilets and washrooms, asked Fabrick to look at their existing pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with Google. They were consistently being outperformed by competitors and felt they were paying too much for each lead.  They wanted their campaign to be more effective in terms of attracting more leads – and if possible, to deliver better value.


The Solution

Pay-per-click (PPC), or the way that customers are charged by search engines such as Google to achieve a page one position and drive traffic to their websites, can be an expensive business, as our client Venesta discovered.

Fabrick’s PPC team undertook a careful analysis of the existing keywords Venesta were using for their PPC campaign.  We wanted to establish if the search terms they were investing in were the right ones. 

Our research showed us this wasn’t the case and that potential customers were using a wide range of longtail phrases and search terms when looking for toilet cubicles, which had previously not been included in any campaign.  This valuable data allowed our team to then identify the phrases and keywords that Venesta should be using and implement these into their PPC campaign.  Our team chose keywords that offered best value and we filtered out terms that might confuse or distort the message Venesta were wanting to communicate to their target audiences.  This in turn helped us to make more effective use of the budget.

Fabrick’s PPC specialists monitored the performance of the new keywords daily, continually finetuning or changing the phrases that were not delivering expectations.

The Results

  • 1 Within just four weeks, Fabrick succeeded in delivering both of Venesta’s objectives – more leads and better value - as we reduced the cost-per-click by up to 20%.

  • 2 Fabrick continues to provide outstanding value for money for Venesta, delivering a cost per click of £1.73, compared to the average of £2.69 in this highly competitive industry.

  • 3 Google Ads usually delivers an average click-through-rate (CTR) across the industry of 3.17%. Fabrick has achieved much more with Venesta - a staggering 9.04%, three times higher.

  • 4 By working closely with the client, Fabrick has been able to increase the number of clicks, reduce the budget spend and most importantly, raise the quality of the enquiry. Recent statistics show that the bounce rate has often been as low as 38%, which means that over 60% of all Google leads are from potential customers genuinely wanting to know more about Venesta and its range of products and systems.

  • 5 Fabrick has proven PPC can be an incredible asset for Venesta. 

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