Pay-per-click (PPC), or the way that customers are charged by search engines such as Google and Bing to achieve a page one position and drive traffic to their websites, can be an expensive business.  It is the reason why our clients continue to choose Fabrick’s experienced PPC team to achieve high click-through-rates (CTR) for an equally attractive low cost-per-click (CPC).

Highly trained PPC team

We achieve this because we know what we’re doing and we’re good at it!  It is why our highly trained specialist PPC team has received Google Partner status. It means we as a marketing agency are recognised by Google for having outstanding Google Ads skills and expertise. 

Our product knowledge and capabilities help maximise client PPC campaign success.  We know how to get your brand in front of specific target audiences and we know how to deliver a great return on your investment.

Our team first starts by working closely with you to understand your business, your objectives and the key messages you wish to communicate.  We then conduct competitor research and gap analysis to help inform, and we carry out extensive keyword research and analysis to establish the search words, terms and phrases your potential customers are searching for in their bid to find your business and others like it.

Our PPC offering

This data helps us produce a bespoke PPC strategy that will ensure success.  We will:

  • make recommendations on the keywords and phrases we feel you need to bid on and invest your internet advertising budget on
  • look at the relevancy and quality of both the suggested keywords and your advertising message
  • look at your website landing pages, the user experience and the quality of your content.
  • tell you how to optimise the ad copy to the chosen keywords for your PPC campaign
  • make recommendations on the types of ads you should place – search ads, shopping ads, display ads, video ads, gmail ads
  • give you a suggested budget to achieve your goals as well as projected click-through-rates. 

Once the PPC campaign starts, Fabrick’s PPC team continually monitor its progress, fine tuning or changing keywords and phrases that are not delivering expectations.

Business results

When prioritised correctly, PPC can be an asset to your building or property business.  Not only does it provide results quickly, it allows you to track conversions and measure your ROI.  PPC can be used to build your construction brands online presence, generate traffic and sales for your new architectural business, reach new customers when expanding your product line and much more.

Fabrick is about delivering the right PPC campaign, best value for money and measurable results. 

Contact us now and let our team of construction and property PPC specialists help your business grow.

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