Infrastructure is the backbone of any community.  It connects people and businesses, it allows trade and travel, it provides opportunities for economies to grow, it protects us, it permits goods and services to be purchased and delivered, it provides the building blocks of the economy and therefore must be protected.

The creation, development and maintenance of the services, facilities and systems within our infrastructure is often costly and timely.  These works are complex and include many specialties within the industry.  They provide opportunities for innovation, technology and sustainability and require extensive planning.  Infrastructure projects can be sensitive in their nature and generate a mixture of opinions – good and bad.

Fabrick has worked on some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects on behalf of clients, including consultants and contractors. We have delivered technical and creative marketing and PR services for a variety of projects across road, rail and aviation so have a good understanding of the challenges these schemes can face and the marketing and PR support they need.

We have collaborated with organisations including Network Rail and Highways England as well as clients including Heathrow Airport to deliver highly complex and often sensitive work.  

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Our experience within infrastructure

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