Fabrick firmly believes that when it comes to marketing your construction or property business, content is everything. Providing your customers with high quality content that is relevant, valuable, interesting, engaging and consistent will ensure you attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, drive positive actions and engagement.

At Fabrick, we adopt a 3-tier approach to content marketing:


We work with you to establish who to target and the messages and information you wish to communicate in order to achieve your business and marketing goals.  We will tell you what content you should be producing and in which format, how to attract the attention of your audience, the marketing and communication distribution channels to use, when to distribute the content and more.


It’s all very well producing and distributing content that tells your target audience what you want them to know, but what response and action do you wish to provoke from them?  Engaging your audience is essential if your content marketing strategy is to be a success and Fabrick’s experienced content marketers know exactly what needs to be done to achieve this.


This step focuses on producing the level of content that will position your brand as a thought leader.  You want to influence the decision making of your targeted audience and invoke confidence.  Producing more in-depth and knowledgeable content such as white papers, research reports etc. allows you to do this.

Whether it’s press releases, white papers, research reports, eBooks, features, case studies, social media posts, literature, videos, websites, events; content is at the heart of your success and should be part of your process, not something separate. At Fabrick, we understand that efficient, intelligent and creative content is part of that marketing mix.

As an integrated construction marketing agency, our in-house marketing and content specialists combine their marketing and industry knowledge and expertise to produce strategies and content that will ultimately set you apart from your competitors and position your brand as an industry and thought leader.

Our 3-tier approach to content marketing delivers real results and allows brands to raise their profile, generate quality leads and inform, educate and influence their audiences in a multi-dimensional way.

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