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The Brief

On this project, Fabrick was briefed to help HAKI improve their branding and awareness. As a market leading modular scaffolding and access system producer, HAKI was already well-established in the construction sector in a number of European markets. However, their awareness within the UK was comparatively weak. Although HAKI is the market leader for adaptable and durable scaffolding systems, Fabrick’s market research revealed that the perception of HAKI was a traditional brand which lacked creativity within the marketplace. Therefore, our key objectives were to enhance HAKI’s brand personality and to position HAKI within the scaffolding market as an industry thought leader and health and safety expert. Subsequently, Fabrick embarked on a campaign to build HAKI’s brand and raise its profile within the UK. 

The Solution

Fabrick met the client’s requirements by identifying the key sales figures to understand the product pushes required, and by planning an in-depth communications strategy that would engage consumers at all levels of the marketing funnel. In order to grow HAKI’s brand awareness and attract a British client base, Fabrick generated compelling content consisting of case studies, new appointment pieces, and editorial features for press.

Furthermore, to establish HAKI as an industry thought leader, we spoke to third party scaffolding associations and key spokespeople in order to gain knowledge of other competitor viewpoints in the construction sector. This research allowed us to focus our technical blog content in order to position HAKI as a relevant industry source. Fabrick’s generation of PR materials exceeded the client’s expectations and returned not only a high level of coverage, but placed informed editorial to the correct audiences both in top-tier construction and scaffolding press. As a result, we were then asked to extend our PR efforts to include other European countries.

One of the challenges that Fabrick was presented with was ensuring that the tone of voice across all communications was consistent and the correct target audience within each country was identified. In order to present the correct tone of voice, Fabrick worked closely with a native translation partner to include colloquialisms across all content to authentically represent the HAKI brand. Likewise, Fabrick worked closely in partnership with the Nordic regions in order to create relevant content suitable for the cultures at hand.

In addition to written copy, Fabrick boosted the brand via its social media channels. Fabrick enhanced the brand through the creation of attractive LinkedIn profiles, which reflected the brand’s personality, to increase audience engagement. Fabrick also conducted an SEO audit to highlight which pages of the HAKI website required search engine optimisation to increase HAKI’s website traffic from relevant searches. Part of the international strategy also included PPC campaigns, including placing YouTube adverts to boost engagement and to cultivate HAKI’s influence on differing channels.


The Results

  • 1 Fabrick’s PR and content campaign led to HAKI successfully being positioned within the scaffolding market as a thought leader and health and safety expert.

  • 2 HAKI’s brand personality was successfully enhanced.

  • 3 The website saw existing users increase by 46.6%, new users increase by 51.25% and sessions go up by 39.70%

  • 4 Traffic driven to Haki’s YouTube Channel increased 13.98% with a 10.13% increase in sessions, which was up by 250% from month-on-month traffic. 

  • 5 The HAKI company LinkedIn page grew with a 3.8% increase in followers, a 6.7% increase in impressions, a 60.7% increase in engagements and a 116% increase in clicks.

  • 6 Fabrick’s development of the Denmark LinkedIn account resulted in a 34% follower increase, 27.6% increase in impressions, an 80% increase in posts, a 33.8% increase in engagements, and a 61.3% increase in clicks.

  • 7 Fabrick’s development of the Norway LinkedIn account resulted in a 143% increase in followers, a 77.2% increase in impressions, a 45.8% increase in engagements, and a 28.6% increase in clicks.

  • 8 Fabrick’s development of the Sweden LinkedIn account resulted in a 49.9% increase in followers, a 51.1% increase in impressions, a 50.7% increase in engagements, and a 61.3% increase in clicks.

  • 9 HAKI’s web users from LinkedIn increased by 5%, with 11% increase in new users, 15% increase in sessions and a 21% increase in the average session duration. 

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