A ‘Fab’rick night out at the Construction Marketing Awards

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In the beginning

When I started working at Fabrick, I had missed the chaos that comes with writing award entries for the Construction Marketing Awards (CMAs), but was lucky enough to experience the fun part – attending the awards ceremony and discovering if our hard work had paid off!

Luckily for Fabrick it had, as we won Agency of the Year 2021, leaving me to wonder how I could help the company live up to this incredible accolade and whether the rumours about writing client award entries were true!

Fast forward to 2022

Fast forward a year and I barely recognise myself!  My knowledge of the construction industry has grown three-fold, I’ve developed some fantastic client relationships, I’ve gained a whole host of marketing expertise and have written two award-winning entries!

Lessons learnt

So, how did I find writing my first award entries? It was one thing delivering an integrated campaign, but writing an intricate award entry that covered all of the objectives and successes with supporting information and within strict word counts? Daunting to say the least! There were so many factors to the campaign that I had to think about and include if I was to do the client and the campaign the justice it deserved.

I learnt so much over the course of the award writing process, including:

  1. Take your time – award entries are not a five-minute task.  If you want to do well you have to give them the time they need and deserve.
  2. Do your prep work – award entries are a little like painting a room.  You need to spend 90% of your time preparing, organising your information and structuring your entry before you add the final touch, the paint.
  3. The importance of teamwork.  Award entries involve both clients and colleagues.  I needed support with proof reading, creating supporting visuals and documents, structure and simply having a supportive shoulder to encourage me to keep going.  My colleagues’ help was essential to my award’s success, I couldn’t have done it without the Fabrick team behind me.
  4. It’s OK to ask for help.  When you’re at the beginning of your career, it can be daunting asking for help but it’s an important step in your learning curve.
  5. Having more faith in my abilities.  Writing my first award entries was extremely daunting.  At times I questioned my abilities because I hadn’t done this before but sometimes all we need is a little self-faith to make all the difference.

The evening itself

When the evening of the CMAs arrived, I was nervous but more importantly, excited! Having already been shortlisted for the awards and invited to the ceremony with a few of my lovely colleagues, I was already over the moon to be there. The awards were a major success, with Fabrick and our clients taking home four trophies in total. We were all thrilled and it was truly a night to remember.

I couldn’t be happier for both Fabrick and our clients. Now it’s time to start thinking about the 2023 awards. Bring it on!

Awards support

If you would like Fabrick to help your business write award-winning entries, please do get in touch by using the contact button below.  We have secured numerous industry award wins for clients over the years and would love to help your business secure some well-deserved industry recognition.

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