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The Brief

Optima, an international leader in glass partitioning systems and solutions, had created a new product – the Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) – that would capitalise on a gap in the market. The AMR is a large, modular product so when the pandemic hit, the original face-to-face promotional plan had to change.

Fabrick was asked to create a digital campaign to communicate the physical elements, features and experience of the product to help ensure their ambitious sales targets would get back on track following the impact of the pandemic and its physical restrictions.

The Solution

The Fabrick team was asked by Optima to create a series of in-depth “test drive” videos to showcase the AMR as the potential customer needed to gain a better understanding and feel for the innovative product. In the absence of visiting a physical showroom in person, the best way to create this personal experience was via video. With target audiences being architects and designers, a visual and engaging solution was crucial.

Optima wanted someone who had personality and could demonstrate all of the benefits so we commissioned Ortis Deley, one of the presenters of C5’s Gadget Show TV programme. A known TV personality is a departure for the sector but allowed Optima to create a product video that stood out from the competition and provide intrigue.

In just two weeks, Fabrick storyboarded, commissioned Ortis, briefed him, filmed the videos and edited them. A number of digital executions were created, including Ortis providing a full product overview and interviewing Optima designers about the AMR. Created to be natural and engaging, the videos were quickly edited and published on Optima’s YouTube channel.

The next stage of the campaign involved Fabrick developing a creative digital strategy to promote and create awareness of these videos. This included the use of PPC and a social media toolkit.

The Results

  • 1 The campaign led to unprecedented interest in AMR, helping to secure a number of orders

  • 2 Creation of a digital execution led by a credible, independent reviewer, providing the creative impact and required for the target audience groups.

  • 3 Campaign achieved in excess of 63,000 video views with impressions of 69,350

  • 4 Instagram following grew by 26%

  • 5 Watch the video series by clicking here

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