Fabrick loves an audit because they are a fantastic way to gain answers.  They tell you what’s working, what isn’t and what can be improved.  They have the ability to inform, educate and help deliver results that can make a real difference to a business.  They are a firm eye opener!  

Key to success

Fabrick’s marketing and content specialists believe businesses should conduct regular audits as they help enable change and prepare businesses for the future.  They are key to a successful marketing strategy and are essential for continued growth.

Audit offering

We can undertake the following audits:

SEO audit – with Google continually moving the goal posts, how do you know if your website is performing at its best?  It may have been a few years since you launched your website and a lot can change in that time.  Our in-house SEO specialists can carry out a thorough SEO audit and tell you exactly what needs to be done to ensure your website is fully optimised and staying in Google’s good books!

Marketing audit – are your marketing efforts meeting your company objectives?  Are they achieving the results you want?  A successful marketing strategy often needs adjusting because marketing changes and the needs of your customers can also change.  Undertaking regular marketing audits allows you the opportunity to do this and to revamp your marketing plans to ensure continued success.

Website audit – the digital world of websites changes at an alarming rate and with websites being a key marketing tool for any business, it’s important your website functions and performs at its best. Page speed, optimisation, accessibility, responsiveness, bounce rates, domain authority and broken links are just a few of the items that need continual review and development.  A thorough website audit ensures your site remains healthy.

Social media audit – this is the perfect way to determine if your social media strategy is working.  It will assess the performance of your posts – their reach, who is engaging with your content, the best performing posts and content types, the number of link clicks and shares, impressions etc – determine if your chosen channels are the right ones, identify gaps and opportunities for future growth.

Content audit – creating content takes time, effort and money so you want to ensure any content you create is the right content for your intended audience; but like most things, content can become out of date so it’s important to conduct regular content audits to establish if any changes are needed.  Fabrick’s content marketing team can tell you if existing content can be repurposed and improved, they can make suggestions for new content and they can suggest additional formats that would work well for content that has been well received.

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