As a business, your brand is everything.  It is one of your company’s most valuable assets and should be treated as such.  It is not just a name or a logo; your brand is a reflection of your business – what you do, your values, your personality, your service levels, the experience you offer, how it’s perceived by customers and your chosen marketplace.  It is all-encompassing and lies at the heart and soul of your organisation.

Brand development

A strong brand takes time. Fabrick understands this as we have created and developed many of the industry’s leading brands.   Our research team will establish any past and current brand perceptions, our creative team will design strong and distinctive visual identities, our strategic marketing team will produce branding strategies and supporting marketing and PR plans, our copywriters will write memorable straplines and key messages that lie at the heart of your branding strategy and our content and PR teams will create thought-leading content that confirms to customers why they should choose your brand and not that of your competitors.

A tailored approach

Whether you are a start-up looking to create a distinctive brand, an established business wishing to change perceptions of your brand, a parent company looking to amalgamate several existing brands into one, or an industry leader wanting to maintain your leading industry status, Fabrick can provide you with a complete branding solution that meets your company’s branding objectives.

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Relevant experience

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New bold and award-winning branding for Jenner

Regional contractor, Jenner Group, has a strong reputation, company values and heritage dating back to 1875!  They approached Fabrick to help them create a new brand and logo that reflected their...

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