Videos and animations are a great way to bring content to life, tell a story and help convey your company’s personality and culture.  They have the ability to communicate complex messages in a simple and memorable way that can increase a user’s understanding. Video marketing and animations capture the attention of the intended audience(s) and keep their interest.

Engaging content

In a world where time is precious and attention spans are getting shorter, video and animation is an effective solution and one that is growing in popularity – since 2018 the number of online videos published has doubled and 86% of businesses currently use video as a key marketing tool.


Story telling

At Fabrick, we create bespoke animation and video content that meets individual objectives. Our team has the skills and expertise to handle the entire process - from initial concept to scriptwriting, storyboarding, production, animating, editing and delivery.  We have complete control over the whole process, allowing the client regular involvement and ensuring the final product is informative, engaging and streaks ahead of the competition!

Our digital offering

With an increasingly wider use of online platforms, we understand and know how to produce this digital content in a way that will perform well on social media, websites and other digital channels

We offer:

  • Corporate videos
  • 3D animation
  • Event filming
  • Product showcases
  • How to videos
  • Case study videos
  • Video blogs / vlogs
  • Timelapse videos
  • Interview videos

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Relevant experience

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The Keystone Group video Christmas story

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