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The Brief

Sontay stands at the forefront of their industry, delivering market leading sensing and peripheral devices vital for effective building control. Its latest innovation, SORA (Sontay Open Range Application) is a brand-new range of wireless sensors that offer market enhanced functionality, durability, and reliability. Sontay wanted to create a launch campaign that not only introduced the product to the market, but would set new standards for innovation, creativity, and originality. Fabrick’s content teams couldn’t wait to get started.

The Solution

Sontay and Fabrick worked together to devise a launch campaign that proved to be incredibly successful. The product was officially launched at the Smart Building Show, which placed the product directly in front of the target audience. Launching at the show also allowed Sontay to introduce the new product to existing clients, as well as potential new clients with the backing of industry-leaders.

A running campaign theme was created called ‘How Far Can You Go?’ which would effectively illustrate the wide range the new wireless sensors reached. The campaign was divided into three audiences: perspective clients, young children and adults.

In the children’s campaign, a competition was created for children to colour in a paper aeroplane. They were then promoted using LinkedIn, with an interactive poll for people to vote on their overall favourite aeroplane design. The winner won a Buyagift voucher for a Junior Supercar Ride.

For the adults, at launch and demonstration events, participants were invited to create a Sontay branded paper aeroplane and throw it as far as they could, with the longest distance winning an F-35B Jet Simulator Experience gift voucher. The winners from each event were entered into an overall winner’s league table, and the champion won a return flight to Perth, Australia – the furthest you can go from the UK in one direct flight.

For the third element of the campaign, participants were asked to take a photo of a Sontay branded paper aeroplane in the most interesting place they could. The winner was selected using a public poll on Sontay’s LinkedIn page.

Fabrick created a launch video for Sontay, from conceptualisation to delivery. It was storyboarded in-house, and included interviews with staff, leading industry experts and a breakdown of the technology and how it works. The video was then provided in four different languages to cater for Sontay’s unique, worldwide audience.

The Results

  • 1 Social media was used effectively during the campaign – tapping into Sontay’s fun and interactive LinkedIn audience. Overall, there were 46,908 reaches from 257 organic social posts, with 6,551 engagements.

  • 2 The campaign successfully achieved its main objective, which was to introduce and sell the new product. Since launch in October 2022, 1,022 units have been sold, amounting to £133,112.77.

  • 3 The campaign increased overall brand awareness for Sontay, with its SORA website page reaching 7,311 views.

  • 4 The campaign landed Fabrick and Sontay as a finalist for the Best Product Launch category at the Construction Marketing Awards 2023.

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